We are dealing almost 22 years in construction field our project hoteling, power plant, water supply, bangallas, severage and more

Suit Ownership

The lighthouse, a symbol for welcome, is the central tower rising above its two wings. The building encase landscaped manicured gardens and a large swimming area painting a unique haven, designed as highly exclusive privileged luxury.



  • The applicants will visit to VDB Collection Counter in GPO where our officer will provide them the required information of the embassy that they want to apply for the visa.
  • Our Customer Services Officers will collect the documents from the applicant. They will be responsible for fulfilling all the requirements for the concerning Embassy. If they find any flaw or missing documents they will guide the applicants to complete the documentation.

Marble Factory – Spain

The Marble factory has latest machinary for cutting and polishing marbles in different shapes and colors. We have almost 250 people working in factory. We supply marbles everywhere in the world.

Traditional Items from Culture

The HandiCraft is traditional sympathic items from culture. Our emphasis is to deliver various quality handicraft items, to your doorstep. From our international customers we accept payments through PayPal also. We maintain adequate stocks and usually ship the ordered items within 24 Hrs after receiving the confirmed payments.

About Us

History And Experiences, Exporting Micro Silica and Ash, Sulphur Sulphuric Acid Sulphur-Dry Bulk Sulphur-Molten Ammonia Nitrogen Phosphate Potash to China, Turkey, UAE And USA from 1994. Export Rice Basmati to Austria, supply Gold, Silver and Diamond to USA, jewelry planet and Golden dream retail store in Spotsylvania Mall in Fredericksburg VA.

Contact Info

  • INT. : 00971 5 610 78786 (MOBILE)
  • ESP : 0034 632 654 839 (MOBILE)
  • ESP : 0034 642 945 394 (MOBILE)
  • UAE : 00971 4 399 8880 (TEL)
  • UAE : 00971 4 399 8881 (FAX)
  • PAK : 0092 (21) 351 47444 0092 332 2220 000 (MOBILE)
  • OMAN : 00968 7233 3390 (MOBILE)
  • PAK : 0092 (21) 351 47445 (FAX)


  • Member of Franchise in USA
  • Member of Stock Exchange in USA
  • Member of most of the University in the World
  • Member of Ali Baba Trading
  • Member of Oil Corporation in Texas USA
  • Member of Gold and Diamond